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Football - Boys

Convener: Mitch Casey (Cr)

Competition starts Friday 3 May 2024

Boys Football (Soccer) Draw 2023

Boys Football (Soccer) Rules 2023


Boys Football (Soccer) Field Maps 2023

Boys Football (Soccer) Risk Assessment 2023

Season Results 2023

Zone Boys Football (Soccer) Trials 2023

Date: Monday 5 June 2023

Time: 3:30 - 5:30 pm

Equipment: Appropriate playing gear, i.e. football boots, shin pads. Students can wear their school sports uniform or their own sports/soccer attire. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle and snacks

Venue: Blair Park, Blair Avenue, Croydon

Means of Transportation: Private car. Your child needs to be driven and accompanied by you or another parent to the trials.

Cost: Nil

2023 Zone Boys Football (Soccer) Trials Information and Permission Note

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