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Zone By Laws

1. The Zone colours shall be black and red.

2. Any trophy/shield donated to or bought by the Association is to be a perpetual one.

3. Zone meetings are to be kept in line with Sydney East PSSA Meetings so that Zone Delegates of the Association may be instructed as to how to vote.

4. All Notices of Motion must be forwarded to the Zone President at least 2 weeks before a meeting for distribution to member schools to allow school-based discussion.

5. A list of conveners Duties be notified.

6. Conveners appointed to each sport shall have the opportunity of acting as Coach/Manager of the Zone Team if they desire.

7. In the case of wet weather the President in consultation with local councils shall decide the cancellation of the games and shall notify the convenor and all schools. When one council closes their grounds, all sports are cancelled.

8. PSSA matches may be cancelled if, in the view of the executive making the decision, the weather or conditions are deemed too hot or unsuitable for competition. As a guide, any temperature in the mid to high 30’s would be deemed to be too hot for play.

9. All regular season PSSA matches in all sports will commence at 12:30pm and semis and finals will begin at 12:15pm. In the event that semis and finals need to be played on the same day then the conveners involved are to agree on a consistent start time.

10. Has been removed from the By-Laws

11. In team competitions, 10 minutes grace shall be granted on the Convener’s specified starting time before a forfeit will be allowed, unless there is a mutual agreement between the parties concerned.

12. In team competitions parents may act as referees only after the following conditions have been met:

  1. A letter of accreditation must be submitted to the relevant sporting convener to show the parent is a fully qualified referee with an appropriate sporting body.

  2. They should NOT have a child in the team they are to referee.

  3. They should NOT coach the team they are to referee.

  4. They have the permission of the convener.

13. In team competitions those schools that do not forward results in writing to the convener by 12 noon the following Monday shall have no points allocated for that game.

14. If a school activity, eg: camp, prevents a school from playing a round of a Inner West PSSA competition it is up to that school, if preferred, to arrange the game to be played by the last week prior to the semis. The convener must be notified of the change and result.

15. All Zone Representatives who go through the zone selection process are to be given Zone Sports Awards which designate the sport in which they represented.

16. Determination of semi-finals and finals shall be as outlined in the sport’s specific rules.

17. Winning schools of Inner West PSSA competitions are to be awarded a Zone pennant.

18. Players in winning school teams are to be awarded a Zone Sports Award each on the basis of one to each member of the fielded team plus up to four (4) reserves.

19. For Team Competitions catering for two (2) age divisions (Junior and Senior) Seniors shall be children who turn 11 years, 12 years and 13 years during the year of competition with the exception where a senior team cannot be fielded because of lack of numbers.

20. As far as practicable, where the same sports competitions are offered for both boys and girls, these competitions should be organised and conducted in the same way. Where this involves two or more convenors they will need to plan the organisation of the competitions together before the start of each new season.

21. Girls may participate in a boy’s team if their school does not offer a team in the equivalent girl’s competition.

22. Disputes regarding competitions run by the Inner West PSSA are to be settled by the convener of that competition and any two (2) uninvolved executive members or three (3) executive members if the convener is involved.

23. The following rules are to be laid down for Zone Representation at Sydney East Carnivals and Trials.

  1. Zone Representatives in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country are to be those competitors who are placegetters in the appropriate Zone Carnival, subject to the entry qualifications of the Sydney East PSSA.

  2. Members of other Zone Teams are to be selected at Zone Trials held for this purpose. The consideration of children, who are unable to attend these Trials owing to exceptional circumstances, will be left to the discretion of the selectors in consultation with the Executive Officers of the Association.

24. Champion schools in each Zone Competition shall be:

  1. For Team Competitions

  2. For Zone Carnivals.

    1. Overall

    2. Boys

    3. Girls

    4. Proportional (Total points divided by 3-6 school population)

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