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Convener: John Tran (Ha)

Competition starts Friday 24 February 2023


IWPSSA Cricket Draw V3 2023

General Rules and Information

  1. Games are played according to Rules for Average Cricket

  2. We will not have Junior/Senior teams for the 2022 competition. We will run a Stage 2 competition and a Stage 3 competition to support cohorting risk mitigation. Students from the Stage 2 teams may play up if the Stage 3 team is short.

  3. Games commence by 12.30 pm. 10 minutes grace will be granted before a forfeit unless there is a mutual agreement between the parties concerned.

Results and Pointssubmit here

  1. Both teams must agree to the score/runs before leaving the ground. If this does not happen and a score is disputed once teams have left the venue, both teams will be awarded 2 points each.

  2. Points will be allocated: Win – 3 points, Draw – 2 points, Loss – 1 point. Teams who have a BYE automatically receive 3 points. In the event of a forfeit, the non-forfeiting team will receive 3 points. The forfeiting team will receive 1 point. If a round of Friday Sport Is called off eg due to rain/extreme temperatures, all teams will receive 3 points regardless of whether they were to play or had a bye. 2022 COVID-19 Adjustment – If a school is unable to get to the ground due to a last-minute bus cancellation (covid related) a forfeit will not be declared. Both teams will receive 2 points each.

  3. Both schools must submit results via Google form by 12 pm on the following Monday. No points will be awarded to a school that has not submitted its results by 12 pm of the following Monday, even if the results have been received from the opposing team. Refer to Zone By-Law 13.

Determination of Semi-finals and Finals

  1. Schools will be ranked based on overall point score, following the last scheduled match on 11 November. Matches will not be rescheduled due to wet weather.

  2. If teams are tied on points, placings will be determined by point differential (runs for – runs against).

  3. If teams are still equal, refer to the most recent result of those two teams playing against each other. The winning team will be given the higher ranking.

Semi-finals          1st v 4th                  2nd v 3rd

Finals                    The two winning teams from the semi-finals will play in the final.


There is one spare week (2 December) that can be used if the semi-finals and/or finals are washed out. In the event of both semi-finals and finals being washed out, the team ranked 1st on point score (see above) will be declared the Champion Team unless alternative arrangements are decided on by the IWPSSA executive.

Cricket Ball Guide

Cricket Score Card for use in games

Season Results 2023

IWPSSA Zone Cricket Trials for 2023

Date: Monday 7 November 2022

Time: 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Equipment: Students must provide their own equipment, there will be no sharing. This includes a helmet, box, pads, gloves and bat. Students
should also bring a water bottle and snack.

Venue: 360 Cricket Academy - 23 Tennyson Rd, Mortlake

Means of Transportation: Private car. Your child needs to be driven and accompanied by you or another parent to the trials.

Cost: Nil

2023 Zone Boys Cricket Trials Information and Permission Note

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