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Convener: Leah Pegler (Dr)


Date - Tuesday 5 March 2024 
Venue - Ashfield Aquatic Centre

All schools in our Zone are invited to attend the Inner West PSSA Zone Swimming Carnival. Principals are most welcome to attend and are kindly requested to allow teachers to attend and act as officials and team managers at the carnival.

Note: Current Guidelines DoE will be followed re holding Covid Safe event
  • Timed Finals- our events are seeded heats where final placings are determined by fastest times. 

  • Results are posted as soon as ratified and are displayed on the noticeboard area to the left of the shallow end of the pool. 

  • Protests are to be lodged by the Team Manager to the convener within ten minutes of the completion of the event. A protest committee will then make a ruling. The protest committee will consist of- Carnival Referee, Carnival Convener, Assistant Convener and at least one member of the Inner West Zone Executive.

  • Photographic and/or video evidence taken will never be used by a Referee or the Protest Committee to make a decision on a protest.

  • Any competitor substitutions on the day of the carnival will be limited to a maximum of 2 per school.

  • Sydney East Carnival on Monday 11 March 2024 at SOPAC.


Please refer to an email sent to schools with entry events and instructions. If you did not get this email please contact Convener.

Schools please note: ALL entries MUST be submitted in advance of the carnival date. School entries CANNOT be accepted on the day of the carnival.

Any competitor substitutions on the day of the carnival will be limited to a maximum of 2 per school.

Submit your school team by following the attached 2020 Instructions step by step through Team Manager Lite.

To prepare for your data entry you will need the following information:

Last name       First Name        DOB        AGE        Gender        Event         Time

You can get Meet Manager Lite here:


ALL entries MUST be submitted through Team Manager Lite and sent to .

Where possible please send your entry file upon completion of your carnival so any issues can be addressed ahead of our 3 March deadline.




Times: Schools should aim to arrive by 8:30 am with the first marshalling call at 8:40 am. Finish at 3:00 pm.


Admission: $13.00 per competitor. Schools will be invoiced after the carnival for the number of students that attend. Team managers should let the treasurer know the numbers on the day of the carnival. Team managers FOC.

Adult spectators should pay at the gate.



We ask that schools send two people to act as officials and one teacher to act as the team manager. An identified team manager, able to remain with competitors, will be particularly important this year to assist us in maintaining our Covid safety plans and ensure competitors attend marshalling.

Please fill in the Swimming Officials Request Form by clicking this link.



Please refer to the Sydney East link of the DET Sport website for information about Diving.​


  • The carnival will be on regardless of the weather. Be prepared.

  • Team managers are required to take an active role in coordinating competitors so they know their heat number and lane before events.

  • Lunches will be provided for all officials and managers.

  • Please make sure all competitors know their age and their events.

  • All children should be aware that all other pools will be out of bounds for the whole day and the main pool cannot be used during the lunch break.

  • No coaching will be allowed once the competitors are in the hands of the officials.

  • Judging decisions take precedence over times. In other words, even if the times recorded by the timekeepers don’t agree with the judges, the judges' decision is final.


  • Children must compete in their own age group.

  • Schools with up to 500 students K-6 can enter TWO competitors in the 50 metre Freestyle events and schools with more than 500 students K-6 can enter THREE competitors.

  • A school can send one extra entry for the 50m Freestyle events if all swimmers meet the qualifying times listed here for the event.

  • Schools can send ONE entry only for 50m Form stroke and 100m Freestyle events

  • A school can send extra entries for any of the form-stroke events and the 100m Freestyle if all swimmers meet the qualifying times listed here for the event.

  • The 200m Medley has a qualifying time for ALL entrants.

  • A school may send ONE relay team per event per school.

  • There is no limitation on the number of events a child may enter except those previously mentioned.


QUALIFYING TIMES FOR EXTRA ENTRIES on top of those already allowed.

FREESTYLE – Boys & Girls

8 years – 50

9 years – 43

10 years – 40

11 years – 38

12 years – 36

13 years – 40


Junior: 3:50sec & Senior: 3.40sec.

*Please: Do not enter any children in this event if they cannot swim the distance at this time and a recognised school carnival or swimming meet time should be provided as entry time.

FORM-STROKES & 100 Metres Freestyle

All Age 100m Freestyle – 1.25

Junior Breaststroke – 1.00

11 years Breaststroke – 58

12/13 years Breaststroke – 56

Junior Butterfly – 1.00

11 years Butterfly –  57

12/13 years Butterfly – 54

Junior Backstroke – 55

11 years Backstroke – 54

12/13 years Backstroke – 52

AGES-Boys & Girls

Freestyle 8,9,10,11,12,13 years

Freestyle Open -All ages 8-13 years 

There are 3 age divisions for form strokes (Breaststroke, Butterfly & Backstroke).

Junior (8, 9 & 10 years), 11 years & 12/13 years.

RELAYS & Individual Medley Boys & Girls

There are 2 divisions – Juniors (8,9,10) & Seniors (11,12,13)


The rules in force at the carnival will be those generally used for all NSW Swimming Association carnivals and NSW PSSA.

Local rules may be used at the discretion of the Convener.

Swimming Classification for Primary Students Multi-Class 

For primary and secondary students requiring classification. Please ring Greta Brodie 02 8047 8509

NOTE: Multi-Class Swimmer Eligibility (NSWPSSA)
All MC Swimmers with a physical disability and intellectual classifications require NR (National Review) classification status in order to be eligible to compete at our sanctioned PSSA events.
A Provisional Classification (for Functional Disability Classes 1-10) is not eligible for state or national-level competition. All other disability classes require the athlete’s name to appear on the relevant organisation Master List prior to competition.

Further information: Peter Cardy -Disability Inclusion Officer, School Sports Unit   Email:


Will be forwarded to School Sports Coordinators after completion of the Official Request Link above.

*** ALL TIMES listed for starts are Approximate only


1/2                    All Age Championship       Boys/Girls100 metres      9:00 am

3/4                    8 years Championship       Boys/Girls50 metres

5/6                   9 years Championship        Boys/Girls50 metres

7/8                 10 years Championship        Boys/Girls50 metres

9/10               11 years Championship       Boys/Girls50 metres

11/12             12 years Championship       Boys/Girls50 metres

13/14             13 years Championship       Boys/Girls50 metres

15/16             Junior Breaststroke             Boys/Girls50 metres       10:50 am

17/18            11 years Breaststroke          Boys/Girls50 metres

19/20            12/13 years Breaststroke    Boys/Girls50 metres

21/22            Junior Butterfly                     Boys/Girls50 metres        11:35 am

23/24            11 years Butterfly                 Boys/Girls50 metres

25/26            12/13 years Butterfly           Boys/Girls50 metres

27/28            Junior Backstroke                 Boys/Girls50 metres        12:10 pm

29/30            11 years Backstroke             Boys/Girls50 metres

31/32            12/13 years Backstroke       Boys/Girls50 metres


Lunch————————————————12:50 pm


33/34            Junior Individual Medley      Boys/Girls200 metres      1:30 pm

35/36            Senior Individual Medley      Boys/Girls200 metres

37/38            Junior Relay                          Boys/Girls4 X 50 Metres   2:00 pm

39/40            Senior Relay                          Boys/Girls4 X 50 Metres

Carnival to finish before 3:00 pm

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Inner West PSSA programs, in particular our carnivals, as they take a big commitment of time and energy.


Sydney East Carnival

Monday 11 March 2024


SE - Primary Swimming Championship (

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