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Cross Country

Convener: Courtney Avramides (Ab)

Zone Cross Country Carnival – 
Wednesday 29th May 2024
Venue: Campbell Park Chiswick

2023 Risk Management Plan

2023 PowerPoint

2023 Program

  1. Times: Arrive at 10:45 am – Finish at 2:15 pm. Walk the course at 11:00 am. The first race starts at 11:45 am. Finish at 2:15 pm

  2. Venue: Campbell Park, Chiswick

  3. Cost: per competitor. Schools will be invoiced by Inner West PSSA after the carnival. Team managers should let the treasurer know the numbers on the day.

  4. Distance: 2000m for 8/9 years and 10 years, 3000m for 11 years and 12/13 years

  5. Competitors:4 per age group 8/9 years and 12/13 years are one group each (4 per race).

  6. Footwear: No spikes. Bare feet are not permitted. Suitable shoes must be worn.

  7. Extra Competitors: In the case of equal 4th at your school carnival or other reasons for extra competitors, please email the convenor. This is to ensure the safety of numbers per race. A couple of extra competitors per team is fine.

  8. Place-getters: The first 6 place-getters in each category will represent the Inner West Zone at the Sydney East Cross Country Championships. The first 8 will receive ribbons, 7th and 8th will be reserve runners. Reserves do not need to attend the Sydney East Cross Country unless notified prior to the event.

  9. All children: Every child who is running needs to wear a name tag along with school and age clearly marked.

  10. School Points: The first 10 in each event will receive school points.

  11. WEATHER - The carnival will most likely go ahead in bad weather. If the week has been wet It would be a good idea It the children could bring some plastic to sit on. Postponing the carnival will be strongly avoided, as It creates problems with school schedules. Parents should be made aware of this prior to the carnival.

Officials Form 2023       Zone Participants Form 2023

PLEASE NOTE: No set times will be given for individual races. Parents and teachers should be aware that the first race starts at 11:45 am and races will run according to the program.

Children are advised to bring their own food.

Teachers (managers and officials) will be provided with a snack bag.

All officials, please meet near the recording tables shortly after you arrive.


10:45 am Arrive

11:00 am Walk the course

11:45 am

           Race 1 - 8/9 yrs Girls 2km

Race 2 - 8/9 yrs Boys 2km

Race 3 - 10 yrs Girls 2km

Race 4 - 10 yrs Boys 2km

Race 5 - 11 yrs Girls 3km

Race 6 - 11 yrs Boys 3km

Race 7 - 12/13 yrs Girls 3km

Race 8 - 12/13 yrs Boys 3km

2:15 pm Finish


The Zone Cross Country carnival can be quite stressful to children, particularly those who go into this competitive event under-prepared.

Schools should copy the information below and add it to their permission notes or newsletters as soon as possible. “Prevention is better than cure.”

The following suggestions are made to ensure the safety of the children participating in the event.

  1. Ensure that your child is well hydrated in the days leading up to the carnival. Children should drink fluids before and after competing (in the hours before competing, not directly before racing)

  2. Children should wear light, loose-fitted clothing. No jumpers or track pants.

  3. Children should be physically prepared for the event. This should include regular training runs of the distance prior to the carnival. Preparation is a vital component of successful endurance running.

  4. Any child who experiences headaches, muscle cramps, nausea or is feeling faint should slow down, or withdraw from the event. Children should seek assistance from the nearest course marshal.

  5. If your child is an asthmatic please ensure that they have all relevant medicine. Any child with asthma should run with their puffer.

  6. If your child is, or has been ill recently they should NOT participate in the event, Exercising with illness can place stress on the body and is considered a serious health risk.

Sydney East Carnival

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Miranda Park

SE - Primary Cross Country Championship (

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