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Convenors of Team Sports

1. Attend Zone Meetings. 

2. At the Zone meeting prior to commencement of the competition the following are decided: 

  1. Form of the competition 

  2. Start and finish dates for the competition 

  3. Rules and regulations for the conduct of that competition. Rules may only be varied during a particular season at a formal meeting of the IWPSSA.  

3. All IWPSSA teams are to get winning points for any washout, regardless of whether they were to play or had a bye.

4. Schools that will be participating in semis and finals must be advised in writing by the Tuesday of the week leading up to those games.

5. Each convenor is to conduct a rules clarification session/workshop for the coaches from each participating school, prior to the commencement of the competition.

6. Arrange, organise and conduct the Zone Competition in that sport including: 

  1. Draw 

  2. Venues where appropriate 

  3. Table of results (for IWPSSA web site) 

  4. Present premiers with zone sports awards, both individual and team pennants. 

7. Liase with Regional Sports organiser: 

  1. For regional requirements for the zone’s participation in that sport 

  2. Whether to conduct zone trials with another Zone. 

8. Organise and conduct Zone Trials to select Zone representatives in that sport from all member schools of the IWPSSA 

9. Organise and arrange for the Zone participation in the relevant REGIONAL Trials – 

  1. Notification of team selections to students, schools and Regional Sports Organiser. 

  2. Notification to selected students of practice details, transport arrangements,  

  3. team uniform. 

  4. Issue and collect consent and medical forms. 

  5. Act as Manager / Coach of the selected Zone Team or make recommendations to the IWPSSA on the appointment of the Manager / Coach 

10. Make recommendations to the IWPSSA pertaining to that sport. 

  1. During the year Convenors are requested to submit to the IWPSSA through the Web Master:- 

  2. Copies of all information sheets results and other relevant information distributed to the competing schools.

  3.  A weekly update of the point score table. 

  4. A written report at the conclusion of the competition including the zone’s participation in regional trials.

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