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Zone Constitution


  1. The Association shall be called the Inner West Primary Schools’ Sports Association ( I.W.P.S.S.A.)



  1. To promote control and supervise at the Primary level all intro-zone competitive schools sport within the Inner West Zone.

  2. To be responsible for the representation of the Inner West Zone at all inter-zone competitions conducted by the Sydney East PSSA.

  3. To carry out the directions of the Sydney East PSSA in respect of Association sporting activities.


  1. Membership of the Association shall be open to all DoE schools within the zone designated as the Inner West Zone.

  2. Those schools completing the primary school course.

  3. Such other schools as may be admitted by the recommendation of the Inner West Zone PSSA, The Sydney East  PSSA and the approval of the appropriate DoE delegate.



  1. Meetings shall be open to all teaching staffs of these schools who are members of the Inner West PSSA.

  2. Voting rights at the association meetings are limited to two (2) representatives from each member school and the Chair Person shall have casting vote.

  3. The Association shall meet once per term and/or as required by the Executive Officers and/or the majority of the members of the Inner West PSSA.

  4. At the Association meeting a quorum shall consist of the representatives of seven (7) member schools.

  5. At Conveners’ meetings a quorum shall consist of the representatives of more than half of the schools participating in that sport.

  6. Another person (including non teachers) can attend Inner West PSSA meetings on behalf of a school only with the written permission of the principal of that school. That person cannot vote.



  1. The Inner West PSSA shall elect at the Annual General Meeting the officers for the ensuing year.


Two(2) Vice Presidents (one of whom shall be nominated the Senior Vice President)

Secretary, Assistant Secretary


Two (2) representatives as delegates to the Sydney East PSSA

One (1) alternate representative

One (1) Principal’s representative

One (1) alternate Principals representative

Sport Conveners

  1. Any vacancy that occurs shall be filled at the next meeting.

  2. Retired officers shall be eligible for re-election.

  3. One person may fill more than one official position.



  1. The Executive Officers of the Association shall comprise

The President

The Vice Presidents

The Secretary, Assistant Secretary and

The Treasurer



  1. An annual affiliation fee to be determined at the Annual General Meeting each year shall be paid to the Inner West PSSA by those schools desiring to affiliate with the Association.

  2. All cheques on the Association’s account shall be signed by any two (2) of the President Secretary and Treasurer.

  3. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) the Inner West PSSA shall receive a Financial Report up to the date of the AGM. Following the presentation of the report at the AGM the treasurer will arrange for an Audited Financial Statement which will be presented at the first meeting in the following year. Any general business may be brought forward in conformity with the constitution.

  4. If any school has not paid the due levies by the last day of term 1, the school and any pupils of that school will cease to be a member of the Inner West PSSA until the levies are paid.

  5. For Friday afternoon PSSA competitions park hire fees shall be evenly distributed amongst competing schools. Schools will send council invoices for park hire to the treasurer as soon as they are received and the treasurer will make payments to councils.



  1. The Association shall determine regulations and conditions for the organisation and control of all competitions within its authority and to prepare such by-laws as are necessary for this purpose.



  1. By-Laws shall be kept and made up to date following each General Meeting.

  2. A By-Law may be changed by a simple majority at any General Meeting.



  1. Life membership may be conferred by the Association for distinguished service to sport.

  2. It will be expected that candidates for Life Membership will have a made an outstanding contribution to school sport over a lengthy period at various levels.

  3. Nominations for Zone Life Membership must come from a school nomination, to be considered by the Executive Officers of the Association, who will then make their recommendation to the Annual General Meeting of the Inner West PSSA. Each case will be decided on its merit.

  4. Those present at the AGM shall vote on the recommendation from the Executive. A quorum of 7 member schools is required and the vote must be passed by 2/3 of those present.

  5. Life members may attend meetings, speak for or against any motion, but may not vote unless they are voting representatives of member schools.



  1. The constitution of the Inner West PSSA may be amended at the meeting of the Association provided that:-

  2. Notice in writing, of the intended amendment had been enclosed with the Notice of Meeting sent to all member schools.

  3. The amendment is carried by a majority of 2/3 of those member schools present at the meeting.



  1. The position of patron(s) shall be decided upon at the Annual General Meeting.

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