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Convenors of Zone Carnivals

1. Attend Zone Meetings.

2. Arrange, organise and conduct a Zone Carnival in that sport.

  1. Confirm the carnival venue has been booked.

  2. Organise the Carnival according to the current rules and regulations of the IWPSSA.

  3. Distribute to all schools and publicity outlets, all information relating to the Carnival including:

  4. Venue of the carnival.

  5. Date and starting time of the carnival.

  6. Closing date for entries.

  7. Conditions of entry, including qualifying times, distances etc.

  8. Entry costs e.g. admission prices.

  9. Time and location of officials and team managers meeting.

  10. Organise the carnival catering if appropriate.

  11. Organise first aide for the carnival.

  12. In the event of inclement weather determine whether the carnival will proceed.

  13. Take responsibility on the day for the Carnival management. Convenor may liaise with IWPSSA executive when required.

  14. Arrange a protest committee to be available on the carnival day comprising the carnival convenor and any two uninvolved executive members or three executive members if the convenor is involved. No protest shall be considered unless lodged by a teacher in writing within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the event.

  15. From the Carnival results, select the Zone representatives for participation in the REGIONAL Carnival.

  16. Distribute to all schools and publicity outlets, all results and Zone team information.

  17. Book the venue for the following year.

3. Organise and arrange for the Zone participation in the relevant REGIONAL Carnivals –

  1. Notification of team selections to students, schools and Regional Sports Organiser.

  2. Notification to selected students of practice details, transport arrangements, team uniform. 

  3. Issue and collect consent and medical forms.

  4. Act as Manager / Coach of the selected Zone Team or make recommendations to the IWPSSA on the appointment of the Manager / Coach

4. Make recommendations to the IWPSSA pertaining to the sport

5. Convenors of carnivals, after consultation with the regional sports organiser, should use the risk management proforma on the internet to cover against liability and that this form be updated each year.

  1. During the year, Convenors are requested to submit to the IWPSSA through the Web Master:-

  2. Copies of all information sheets results and other relevant information distributed to the competing schools.

  3. A written report at the conclusion of the competition including the zone’s participation in regional carnivals.

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