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Life Membership


Life membership is bestowed on a member for distinguished service to sport on a zone level over a number of years.

The following is from our constitution.

  1. Life membership may be conferred by the Association for distinguished service to sport.

  2. It will be expected that candidates for Life Membership will have a made an outstanding contribution to school sport over a lengthy period at various levels.

  3. Nominations for Zone Life Membership must come from a school nomination, to be considered by the Executive Officers of the Association, who will then make their recommendation to the Annual General Meeting of the Inner West PSSA. Each case will be decided on its merit.

  4. Those present at the AGM shall vote on the recommendation from the Executive. A quorum of 7 member schools is required and the vote must be passed by 2/3 of those present.

  5. Life members may attend meetings, speak for or against any motion, but may not vote unless they are voting representatives of member schools.

Life Members of the Inner West and Western Suburbs PSSA are:

Awarded 2003

Lyn Doolan

Awarded 2004

George Ning

Ann Gibson

Frances Hegarty

Awarded 2006

Allan Duncan

Awarded 2010

Mark Fitzgerald

Greg Lee

Greg Blundell

Awarded 2013

Chris Whitten

Awarded 2014

John McMichael

Awarded 2017

Tim Kay


We are yet to scour the minutes to confirm our other life members but here are the ones we know about so far.


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