Our zone covers almost 3,000 students and 12 schools from the inner west of Sydney and we are part of the Sydney East PSSA. For information about sports played in the Zone please initially make contact with the sports coordinator at your school. Other information can also be obtained through the convener of the sport. Contact details for the conveners of each sport are available on the contacts page of our website.

Abbotsford, Ashfield, Burwood, Croydon, Croydon Park, Dobroyd Point, Drummoyne, Enfield, Five Dock, Haberfield, Russell Lea, Summer Hill.

All notices of motion must be forwarded to the Zone President at least 2 weeks before a meeting for distribution to member schools. This is to allow for school-based discussion before a zone meeting.

The Zone affiliation fee for 2022 is $3.00 per 3-6 student in your school plus $400.

Swimming Carnival – Wednesday 1 March 2023 Ashfield Aquatic Centre
Cross Country Carnival – Wednesday 24 May 2023 Campbell Park
Athletics Carnival – Thursday 21 September 2023 Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre

Photos will be taken during the Zone Carnivals. If you do not wish your child's photo to be taken, please indicate this to your School Sports Organiser who will pass this on to the appropriate convener.



4.00 pm Magpie Sports Club - Croydon Park

Term 1 Week 3 - Thursday 10th Feb

Term 2 Week 2 - Thursday 5th May

Term 3 Week 2 - Thursday 28th July

Term 4 Week 7 - Thursday 24th Nov


Summer Softball/Cricket/AFL – 5 Weeks

Term 1 Weeks 4 (18 Feb) to 8 (18 Mar)

Winter Soccer/Netball/Touch – 15 Weeks

Term 2 Weeks 1 to 10
Term 3 Weeks 1 to 5

Summer Softball/Cricket/AFL – 10 Weeks

Term 3 Weeks 8 to 10
Term 4 Weeks 1 to 7


8 Nov ..... Softball/T-Ball/Cricket draws updated

1 Nov ..... Boys Cricket zone trials (for 2023) info added

21 Oct ..... Softball/T-Ball draw updated

11 Sep ..... Cricket draw updated

1 Aug ..... Boys Cricket zone trials info added

20 Jul ..... Athletics carnival info added

21 May ..... Girls Football (Soccer) zone trials info added

18 May ..... Boys Football (Soccer) zone trials info added

16 May ..... Rugby Union zone trials info added

29 Apr ..... Touch Football draw and info posted

29 Apr ..... Girls Football (Soccer) draw and info posted

27 Apr ..... Netball draw and info posted

27 Apr ..... Boys Football (Soccer) draw and info posted

22 Mar ..... Netball zone trials info added

10 Mar ..... Swimming Carnival results posted

10 Mar ..... Hockey trials info added

8 Mar ..... Rugby League combined zone trials info added

1 Mar ..... AFL zone trials info added

22 Feb ..... Tennis trials are still going ahead

20 Feb ..... Basketball zone trials info added

20 Feb ..... AFL and Cricket draws updated

13 Feb ..... AFL draw posted

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